Diocesan and Christ Church Staff and Lay Ministers


Presiding Bishop-Elect – The Most Reverend Michael Curry

Bishop - The Rev. Canon Kevin Nichols

Rector – The Rev. Canon John R. Francis (johnrfrancis@rdgchristchurch.org)

Deacon – Rev. Dr. Midge Pendergast (deacondocMidge@rdgchristchurch.org)

Episcopal Church Women (Open to all women) – Cynthia Pipkin, President (capsew50@comcast.net) – Provides opportunities for all women of the church to serve Christ through fellowship and outreach

Hospitality Committee - Provides setup, cleanup and refreshments for special occasions and church functions. We basically are the party planners of the church!

Rummage Sale Chair – Brenda Rivera (brendarivera92@yahoo.com)

Vestry Senior Warden - Cliff Buckwalter (cabuck57@gmail.com)

Vestry Junior Warden  Rick Wolf (rickwolf@embracethechallenge.org)

Vestry Clerk - Jessica Ashman (daisy_j@comcast.net)

Vestry Treasurer - Brent Styan (b.styan@hotmail.com)

Vestry Members – Mary Jane Androne, Andrea Griffith, Rob Johnston, Cynthia Pipkin, Sarah Stapleton, Courtney Tull, Michele Uhrich, Eric Wolf

Communications Committee Chair – Brent Styan (b.styan@hotmail.com)

Property Committee Chair – Cliff Buckwalter

Inreach Committee Chair – Anita Powell

Nursery Staff – Marcia Smith (msmith741@verizon.net) and Elizabeth Faust-Shucker

Outreach Committee Co-Chairs – Jill Braun-Helwig (jbraun@springpsychological.com) and Vickie Wilson (vicwil2224@gmail.com)

Director of the Altar Guild – Charlotte Hoare (cahoare@verizon.net)

Parish Nurse – Doris Maurer Budzik

Spiritual Director and Spirituality and Healing Committee Chair – Connie Fegley (conniefegley@yahoo.com)

Healing Ministry Team Chair – Dr. Midge Pendergast (mdpend@comcast.net)

Diocesan and National Church Ministers: Connie Fegley – AFRECS (American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan); Kate Fanning & The Rev. Canon John R. Francis - Bishop’s Search Committee; David Feick – President of Incorporated Diocesan Trustees; Cynthia Phillips – Vice-President of Diocesan Incorporated Trustees; The Rev. Canon John R. Francis – Diocesan Evangelism Commission

Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries - Heather Boggs (heather@rdgchristchurch.org)

Finance Manager – Robin Wunder (financemgr@rdgchristchurch.org)