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Celtic Christianity is a growing expression of faith among Episcopalians, Franciscans, and others who believe in a thin veil between heaven and earth, an incarnational God who loves creation and can be found in the beauty and untamed spirit of nature, in music, in poetic words, in the warm embrace of friendship… in the sacraments that celebrate our unity with the Divine…in the relational flow of the love of the Holy Trinity…and in silence.

In our seasonal Celtic services, we welcome everyone to participate in honoring the mystery of that thin veil between worlds: candles to light, words to write, water to dip and sprinkle, music to dream on, songs to sing, and silence to keep. 

We invoke the Celtic saints who taught us how to worship in this way. We celebrate a true Celtic Eucharist as set down in Iona: the feast of a welcoming and inclusive God who dwells in each and in community.

Come into this unique service where the spirit dances lightly with the joy of being loved.

Contact: Deacon Midge Pendergast: deacondocMidge@rdgchristchurch.org