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Open to all women. Provides opportunities for all women of the church to serve Christ through fellowship and outreach.

                                    Episcopal Church Women 2020 Missions

Episcopal Relief and Development                      $500

Helping  Harvest                                                       $500

Opportunity House                                                  $500

Rector’s Discretionary Fund                                  $1,000

Veteran’s Coalition                                                  $500

Parishioners                                                               $700

Total                                                                             $3,700

A Message to Christ Church Parishioners

This year our mission giving had to be limited because of the pandemic which limited our fundraising efforts.  These were the six chosen that the ECW decided were most important.  Hopefully, as we resume Rummage Sales this week, we’ll be able to fund some of the other missions in the spring of 2021. Thank you for your continued support in our future fundraising efforts.


Contact: Linda Jones (ljones2412@comcast.net)

National website: https://www.ecwnational.org/