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All services can be watched live via Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rdgchristchurch

Thursdays 6:00PM  Remote Holy Eucharist in Spanish. Visite nuestro misa de servicio de adoracion de transmision remota en vivo en espanol los jueves a las 6 P.M. Puede encontrar el enlace en la pagina de inicio de nuestro sitio web o en nuestra pagina de Facebook. Gracias.

Click here for a copy of Michael Molina’s sermon on Compassion.

Sundays at 8:00AM (spoken service) and at  10 a.m. Will include remote Holy Communion with music,  Here are the preparatory directions:

For you and your family members, please have ready a small piece of bread and small glasses or goblets of a little but of wine or grape juice if you have. Just the bread alone will suffice, or just the wine or grape juice alone will suffice.

When I consecrate the bread and wine, please hold yours up so they will be consecrated as the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood. The words of Jesus activate these elements to be Sacramentally outward and visible signs of the energized inward and spiritual grace that Christ fills us within and without.

Then when I say please partake, then you may consume the Sacraments. In this we will all be a part of the congregation gathered via the Live Streaming as the Body of Christ.

Sunday Worship

You can find the list of the readings here:


And the order for worship is here:

Order for Worship

You can still watch the stream without an account.  Learn how to do that here: Please note–you can watch the livestream without a Facebook account. You can either ignore the banner at the bottom asking you to “Log in” or “Create an Account” or click “Not Now” if you get a popup   https://diobeth.org/how-to-view-facebook-livestreams-without-an-account/

Additionally, the Diocese of Bethlehem has an abundance of information on how to participate remotely.  Click here: https://diobeth.org/

Kindly email Father John for Zoom numbers and passwords at johnrfrancis@rdgchristchurch.org

Zoom Centering Prayer sessions on Tuesdays at 9 A.M. and Thursdays at 8:30 A.M.

Zoom Bible Study on Wednesdays at 8 A.M.

Go to Zoom.us and simply press JOIN MEETING – (upper right hand area in blue)

Rise and Shine will be held Sundays at 8:45AM