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Meeting every Sunday from 9:05am to 9:45am in the Parlor, our Adult Forum features the below topics every month, plus guest speakers from our parish and local community leaders.

“Needles in the Haystack” is a time for us to go through our Sunday morning Bible readings with a fine-tooth comb;
“Knots Untied” gives us an opportunity to wrestle with some of the more difficult teachings in the Bible;
“Living Life to Its Fullest” is an opportunity for us to explore topics like Gratitude, Relationships, Service, and Forgiveness and our life of faith.

Upcoming Schedule for Adult Forum:

July 16 – David Hershey from Berks Community Health Center
July 23 – Living Life to Its Fullest: Genuine Relationships
July 30 – Christine Folk from Mary’s Shelter
August 6 – Needles in the Haystack: Sunday Readings
August 13 – Rick Wolf on Holy Moments
August 20 – Knots Untied: Only to the Lost Sheep of Israel
August 27 – Living Life to Its Fullest: The Importance of Gratitude