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Transforming Lives…Outside the Box
Reinventing our Neighborhoods by Reinventing our Relationships

The Reverend Ross Tortora joins us from Grace Church Cathedral in Charleston, SC, where he has served as Deacon since his ordination in 2020. Prior to ordination, Ross coached football and taught History in Massachusetts for 36 years. Ross is a member of the Grace Church Cathedral Kairos Team, Fresh Start: Men In Transition Program, and the “Reading with Grace” program at Memminger Elementary School. Ross has spent years reading, studying, leading book groups on and relaying the inspiration of Fr. Greg Boyle and his work with the outcast and marginalized of society. Ross joins us today to provide us with the inspiration that has come through his love and study of Fr. Boyle’s work.

Who is Fr Greg Boyle?
Fr. Greg Boyle has spent the last 35 years of his life helping people find ways to leave behind destructive behaviors (gang life and all it involves) and transform their lives in purposeful ways (“Jobs Not Jail”).  This process involves people’s willingness to reinvent themselves and learning new skills that offer hope for the future. Boyle is clear: lifestyle change is a choice.  It requires a willingness to step outside of a personal comfort zone and work alongside people whom you may have seen as enemies at one point.  The success of HomeBoy Industries, founded by Fr. Boyle, in transforming lives shows that sometimes finding solutions requires thinking outside of the box. Fr. Boyle is fond of saying: “If we say, and believe that God is compassionate loving-kindness, then what we’re asked to do in this world is to be who God is.”

Join us for “Transforming Lives…Outside the Box”
Reinventing our Neighborhoods by Reinventing our Relationships
Led by The Reverend Ross Tortora
Saturday May 20, 2023
9am to 12noon
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Christ Episcopal Church, Reading
435 Court Street
Lunch will be provided at the end of the session.